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If you have credit or income problems, or so called "bad credit", this website can provide you with your own confidential and customized eMortgage auction to involve the right wholesale lenders to bid for your application.

The eMortgage auction is supported by nationwide research to ascertain the lowest rates for mortgages, home loans, refinances and debt consolidation for virtually all credit and income problems.

Talk to us about your goals —we'll place your file in a confidential auction with the right wholesale lenders for the lowest rate bids. is a proven means for people to "turn the situation around" and automate the process of negotiation for a fair deal.

People with difficult situations —even income complications can get a direct connection with a wholesale lender.
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Credit Repair Advice

How to repair your credit
Credit Score Below 700
lowest rates available

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info on program types

Refinance Programs

bad credit refinancing

Debt Consolidation

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Free Credit Report
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Score below 640?
Maybe we can help.

Refinance with Bad Credit
Credit problems vs. bad credit, and how to refinance.
Buy a Home with

100% financing with partial credit
repair, (the right repair)
Credit Score Below 600?
If your credit score is less than 600,
we may be able to help.
Under 580 and need financing?
Less than 580 score refinance?
Zero Down Purchase also available.

Many people are finding difficulty in getting a home loan for a purchase or a refinance with a credit score below 640.
There are several lenders known by the eMortgage community that provide this.

Credit Score Below 700 and Conforming Mortgages
If your credit score has moved below 700, the lowest rates within the mortgage industry are likely still available to you.
As well financing for home purchase or refinance need not be complicated.

Mortgages for Foreign Nationals and Non-Resident Aliens
Purchase mortgages for foreign nationals.
Low rates and mortgage programs with expedited service for people domiciled in other nations.

FAQ for Foreign Nationals and Non-Resident Aliens
Frequently asked questions about mortgage programs for foreign nationals and non-resident aliens.

Foreclosure: Modification vs. Refinance: What is the best option?
If your are facing foreclosure, optimizing your cash-flow can be a key factor to:
a) not only saving your home; but
b) also securing it for the future.
There are several issues to consider.

Foreclosure Refinance FAQ
Frequently asked questions about refinancing your home if it is in foreclosure.

FHA and VA loans for scores between 600 and 620 are seeing more approvals than they were in the post melt-down past.
Lenders approving these criteria do require certain other qualifications. However, they are now less restricting.

Credit Scores above 600 and below 620 are currently seeing approvals with several FHA purchase and refinance programs.
Several known lenders are currently providing this type of financing.

Credit Score Below 500?
If your credit score is under 500, you may still be able to get financing.
There are some in-depth qualifications available for this type of financing.
The right mortgage specialist may be able to assist you.

Tips for repairing and/or re-establishing credit can be found at the following links.
Learn about the three major credit bureaus that report credit problems/bad credit. When you apply for a mortgage, refinance or home loan, these are the three most often used credit bureaus to determine if you qualify.


1-888-EXPERIAN (397-3742)

Trans Union

Note: Credit repair and the re-establiment of credit, in most cases, requires 12 - 24 months. The eMortgage Auction, does emphasis "step one" mortgages, refinancing and home loans to provide reasonalby priced loans during that time period (and more time, if need be), when a homeowner would be working toward the repair and/or re-establisment of credit.

Note: Credit scores under 500, may require some corrections or repair, prior to a step one refinance. Speak with an eMortgage consultant about your particular scenario. If your credit score is under 500, or less than the score required for the program you desire, we may be able to help or advise how to raise your score to the required level.

Note: Scores below 600 are now subject to many of the same guidelines as scores under 580 were previously. If your credit score was previously below 580, many lender programs now require a score of 600 or above. However, the eMortagage Auction continues to support programs for both, scores less than 580 and less than 600.

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