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Who are we?
We are nationwide network of mortgage professionals, mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers trying to make a difference in an indifferent world.

Our Primary Objective
Make a difference for as many as possible, for:
  • people whom otherwise might not be able to buy a home; and
  • folks whom might otherwise not be able to refinance an existing home at a fair rate.

    What we do?
    We act as a community, and we all share information within this network. We work together as a team in an ongoing effort to ascertain the best mortgage programs for people with derogatory credit and income issues.

    eMortgageSolution.com provides participating mortgage professionals with referrals free of charge; plus 24/7 access to an extensive database that is constantly being updated with respect to the best programs “out there”. In return, participants are sworn to treat those referrals honestly and fairly. In addition; for so long as they are participating, they must provide regularly, continued updates and information about the best mortgage programs they come across; to make that information available for other participants to use.

    Why it works?
    The content and extent of the information we collect and share within our network provides many more options for people. With many more options available, the chances for success in optimizing each particular case is significantly increased.

    Because we know where to match particular borrower credit and income cases, Lenders that are already programed and set up to accept such particular borrower types can afford to make better offers in respect to each borrower.

    In addition, participating mortgage professionals, bankers and brokers realize financial benefits through this network. This network makes it easier for them to qualify many more people; and do so, each with less difficulty and fewer complications. In turn, they are able to increase bottom line profits by processing and closing loans in boosted volume; faster and more efficiently. Time and energy are also money.

    As a result, we seem to be accomplishing one of two things. Either: (1) Perhaps eMortgageSolution.com is attracting mortgage professionals that care and find satisfaction in being able to afford staying honest and economically fair; or, (2) Maybe the power of an increased bottom line is converting some mortgage folk toward our way of thinking.

    eMortgageSolution.com was founded in 1998 by a professional mortgage credit consultant with over 20 years experience in banking and solution financing. eMortgageSolution began as a dream concept in 1993, prior to the internet explosion, after it's founder, lost his career and became a victim of the "high interest rate nightmare".

    If you have perfect credit and strong income, you can get very low interest rates. But isn't it the people who don't have perfect credit and strong income that need those low interest rates?

    We can't beat the system, but we can fight it —and with our efforts, people are saving substantial money when it really counts. This website provides a means for people to get a direct connection to wholesale mortgage lenders —and have the right lenders bid against each other in order to get the lowest offer possible. We haven't changed the world yet, but we are beginning to make a difference in an indifferent industry.

    Message from the founder
    Give this program a try. You have nothing to lose. It won't cost you anything to find out how you qualify and what your lowest monthly payment would be. Good Luck!

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