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Problem credit and/or bad credit obviously vary in degree from borrower to borrower; as well approvals and pricing for problem credit will vary between home loan programs and lenders.

Nevertheless, if dealt with correctly, and with a little luck to provide a homeowner steady income and some peace of mind, problem credit; even bad credit, need only be a temporary issue. Taking out a mortgage or home loan at a slightly higher interest rate, can be a convenient way to re-establish credit. Keeping those home loan payments current for a year or two plus three other lines of credit paid on time; such as secured credit cards, can put a homeowner in a strong position to refinance at a surprisingly low rate in the future.

Smart mortgage underwriters respect borrowers that have learned from life experience, (unfortunately, bad luck and/or hardship); but whom as a result of such, have come back and proven their ability to make timely payments. Some of the best credit and longest lasting good credit histories come from folks whom have previously endured one of the misfortunes associated with problem credit or bad credit.

Sometimes it takes a few steps to get there. But the journey can be made; even if starting out with credit problems.

The eMortgage Auction supports mortgages, refinance, home loans and debt consolidation for problem credit and/or bad credit and has often proven to be a successful first step for homeowners to re-establish credit.

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