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Last Update 04-18-2014

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A refinance or debt consolidation can often be the first and most effective step toward repairing bad credit.

If you do not already own a home and are trying to buy a home with bad credit, obviously, you can not refinance or apply debt consolidation as an established homeowner otherwise would. Thus dealing with bad credit can be a frustrating and long term process.

Nevertheless, whether you already own a home, or are trying to buy a home, keeping it affordable with a low interest rate; and thus low monthly payments, may require some credit repair prior to your refinance or obtaining your purchase money mortgage. You might want to save yourself a great deal of time and frustration by getting some inexpensive direction with an eBook designed for this purpose. This eBook can speed up the credit repair process for the purpose of buying a home and setting up your credit for a "no money down" purchase. This eBook can also be effective toward the type of credit repair required for conforming rate refinancing.

(Click Here) for a Credit Repair eBook on buying a home for "no money down" using a partial credit repair.
This inexpensive eBook explains how to quickly transform "bad credit" into "partially repaired credit"; specifically the type of credit required for purchasing a home with "no money down" using new mortgage programs that most mortgage professionals are not yet aware of.

The above credit repair eBook can often be used to refinance and simultaneously improve personal cashflow while taking a more significant step toward repairing and/or re-establishing credit. By paying off bad credit and collection accounts, judgments, and/or tax liens, homeowners can automatically clear bad credit from their credit reports. With a refinance / debt consolidation, homeowners previously having bad credit, often re-establish new credit within 12 - 24 months. This being a result of having to pay fewer bills with improved cashflow; thus affording timely payments of ongoing monthly debts; specifically credit accounts that report to the credit bureaus.

Intelligent mortgage underwriting understands this concept. Thus, in many cases, it is possible to ascertain several of the right lenders, willing to bid for particular homeowners, with specific types of "bad credit refinance" needs. As such, this eMortgage auction continues to prove itís design by successfully seeking out and connecting homeowners with bad credit with the right wholesale mortgage lenders.

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