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How about an eBook that tells you - How to repair credit yourself, repair it so you can buy a home, so you can buy with no money down, so you can refinance at the lowest rate.
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Learn about the 3 major credit bureaus that report derogatory credit. When you apply for a mortgage, refinance or home loan, these are the 3 most often used credit bureaus used to determine if you qualify.

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TransUnion's 3-in-1 Credit Report Links



Note: Credit repair and the re-establiment of credit, in most cases, requires 12 - 24 months. The eMortgage Auction, does emphasis "step one" mortgages, refinancing and home loans to provide reasonalby priced loans during that time period (and more time, if need be), when a homeowner would be working toward the repair and/or re-establisment of credit.

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