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How It Works Problem Credit FAQ Credit Repair No Money Down Home Equity Loans re: Problem Credit Income Problems Contact Us Apply conducts ongoing nationwide research with respect to hundreds of this country's wholesale mortgage programs in order to track the lowest rates for people with difficult credit and non-provable income. As such, we maintain a constant awareness of the best lenders and programs "out there".

1. You complete the auction application and submit it to us.

2. One (1) credit report is run. Your file is then reviewed by an experienced mortgage credit analyst. Several of America's best suited wholesale mortgage lenders are carefully matched specifically to your scenario. Your file is faxed directly to the underwriting departments of those lenders. You are notified of the best offer within 48 to 72 hours.

3. If the offer is acceptable to you, the lender or a wholesale oriented agent approved by that lender will contact you to ascertain that your application, processing and closing are carried out in a first class manner —and in accordance with federal and state requirements.

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